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Equestrian Patterns

for 18-inch Dolls

Side Saddle Riding Habit

Side Saddle Riding Habit   $14.00   (tax included)

   The first time you saw a Side Saddle Riding Habit you fell in love with the history, romance and excitement of the discipline. The elegant formal rider complete with a felt Top Hat and Veil creates an image that you long to achieve. The tailored, slightly cut-away Riding Jacket with a Hunt Collar is paired with a modern safety Apron that is hooked-up when not riding. The smart Vest, detailed Stock Tie Shirt, fitted Breeches and Half Chaps complete the authentic look for a formal hunt. For a less formal look, we have included a felt Derby as an option to complete your ensemble.

   The Side Saddle Riding Habit pattern includes step-by-step sewing instructions, fabric suggestions, yardage requirements and pattern pieces for nine items.

(Doll and shoes not included.

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