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Equestrian Patterns

for 18-inch Dolls

Native Arabian

Native Arabian Costume for Rider & Horse $14.00  (tax included)

You are ready for the Arabian Native Costume class. This is your favorite class. You close your eyes. Your heart is beating.  You feel the hot desert wind of the Sahara against your face. You take a deep breath, open your eyes and you enter the ring. You are excited to show off your beautiful Bedouin-inspired costume. The rich colors and intricate detail enhance the flowing beauty of your robe. You and your horse are a perfect compliment of style and function. All of the elements are there from the beautiful bridle to the tasseled blanket. No detail has been overlooked. The history, tradition and beauty of your Arabian costume will be worthy of the blue ribbon!

The Set includes complete step-by-step sewing instructions, fabric suggestions, yardage requirements, cutting layout, embroidery options and patterns for: Robe (jallabia), Harem Pants, Midriff Top, Headscarf (hijab), Headband, Horse Blanket, Saddle with Bedouin-Style Stirrups, Breastcollar, Bridle with Browband Cover, Poll Cover and Reins.

   (Doll, horse and shoes not included)

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