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Equestrian Patterns

for 18-inch Dolls

Lead Line, Short Stirrup,Pony Club

Lead-Line, Short Stirrup and Pony Club $13.00 (tax included)

   You may be one of the youngest competitors in the Lead-Line class, but you are ready to enter the ring and do your best. You are so excited to wear your first “big-girl” riding jacket, a brand new ratcatcher shirt, form fitting jodhpurs complete with belt and garters and an all important helmet with safety harness.

   You can’t wait to grow up and enter your first Short Stirrup class and ride your pony all by yourself. Of course, you’ll need a brand new riding jacket and coordinating ratcatcher. Your jods, belt and garters are a perfect fit and you’d never ride without a helmet with safety harness!

   You are finally ready to join the Pony Club. You will be a hit in your classy Pony Club shirt, jods with belt and garters and your lucky helmet with safety harness.

   Some day very soon you will be 13 years old and you can wear tall half-chaps.

   The Set includes complete step-by-step sewing instructions, fabric suggestions, yardage requirements, cutting layout and patterns for:

   Riding Jacket, Ratcatcher Shirt, Jodhpurs, Belt, Gaters, Half-Chaps, Polo Shirt and Helmet with Saftety Harness.

   (Doll and shoes not included)

Photo by KHKinsley 2010

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