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Equestrian Patterns

for 18-inch Dolls

Escaramuza Charra/Fiesta Costume

Escaramuza Charra/ Adelita/ Fiesta Costume

$14.00 (tax included)


   Today is the best day ever! You and your team members have been practicing for hours and hours and today is the day that you will perform the escaramuza or skirmish. You love the speed and excitement of performing your choreographed ride in front the enthusiastic crowd.

   Your special escaramuza performance has been an added attraction to a charreada or scheduled in ferias amistosas (friendly fairs), and formal competitions on the state, regional and national level many times.  You are proud to be sanctioned by the Mexican Charro Federation. The official contests require strict adherence to complex rules and regulations that govern every aspect of the event, from a code for acceptable dress and tack to exact judging and scoring procedures.

   Your escaramuza team is composed of eight riders who wear matching outfits. You have the option of wearing either the identical traditional full-skirted Adelita style dresses or a fitted skirt and jacket ensemble similar to standard charro attire. You really prefer the Adelita-style costume. It is so beautiful. Likewise, your wide-brimmed sombreros, the customary charro head gear, must be identical in color, style and decorative detail.

   Your escaramuza routine is made up of a dozen individual exercises presented in uninterrupted succession. The presentation runs an average of 10 minutes and is performed throughout at a full gallop, with all of the riders mounted on charro-style sidesaddles. You love riding to the backdrop of lively Mexican music that adds to the rhythm and drama of the thrilling string of geometric movements. Heart-stopping crosses and quick turns are executed with great precision to avoid accidents and minimize point deductions for loss of synchronization and symmetry. Your team is the best—on horseback and in the barn.

   Your beautiful Adelita-style costume set includes complete step-by-step sewing instructions, fabric suggestions, yardage requirements, cutting layout, decorative options and pattern pieces for: Blouse, Petticoat, Skirt, Sash, Bloomers, Sombrero, Boot tops, Shawl and Hair Bow.

(Doll and shoes worn under the Boot Tops are not included).


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